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BUFF® Trail Tour Finland

Buff is the original multi-purpose scarf and an active promoter of trail running. Read
  A long-time UTMB partner, the French manufacturer of high end sports glasses, Julbo joins as a BUFF® Trail Tour partner for the season 2018. Julbo brings a range of top end running glasses with reactive lenses to the event for testing and hands out products as prizes.
Lorpen has been manufacturer involved in all stages of production for more than 30 years, with freedom to innovate and offer maximum reliability in the quality of our products. They apply the most advanced level of textile engineering and technology, based on love of and respect for nature, where we live and enjoy ourselves.
  CamelBak from the U.S. invented the hydration products category and is currently the world’s leading maker of hydration solutions. Its products are perfect for sports, outdoors, travel and work. The product range includes everything that a runner needs for hydration on the go: hydration packs and vests, drink bottles, drink belts, reservoirs, water purifiers and accessories.
Lupine was one of the first companies, which switched from halogen lamp to LED technology completely. Thanks to this advantage of experience, and Lupine’s never-ending perfectionism, they can coax more light out of our lamps year after year. Lupine developes and manufactures all Lupine lamps exclusively in Germany.  The majority of the individual components are manufactured in Germany or neighboring European countries specifically to achieve our high standards of performance and durability. That’s the way they’re able to achieve our unique quality.
Packable poles for when lightweight and speed are paramount, our Distance poles are perfect for ultra runners and light and fast hikers.
Good’n’Go is a new range of snacks that are full of the goodness of nature: Packed with energy and great taste, gluten- and lactose-free, without added sugar or artificial ingredients. Just honest and pure ingredients and vegan-friendly – perfectly good for on-the-go!